The Baku Method

Founded in 2021 by Peter Kuhn and Guy Barbier, Baku is a B2B SaaS Sales growth company based in New York City.

We love B2B sales, and the role Go-To-Market teams play in bringing innovative B2B products to market.

Baku has successfully assisted dozens of venture-funded, private equity, and bootstrapped B2B and B2B SaaS businesses, in achieving significant revenue growth milestones through their process.

Our Method

Data Driven Process

Running a survey alignment process to truly see where you and your team are aligned on key areas you need to be aligned across your business, and where you have gaps. We routinely pulse the team on how they feel. We measure against unbiased, standard frameworks.

Coaching For Sales Execution Support

Providing constructive criticism of recorded customer calls, reviewing and editing emails, providing real-time methods and tactics to advance deals to next steps, ghostwriting, and scripting for sales communications at all stages of the sales process;

Coaching Sales Team Development And Training

Providing training and up-skilling, offering one-on-one seller coaching, and individualized support (Slack/Email), one to many group trainings, group practice sessions;

Goal Setting and Measurement

Setting goals and KPIs, managing sales hiring, designing incentive compensation plans, onboarding new hires, crafting bespoke sales playbooks, sales process documentation, developing sales collateral (vision pitch, discovery questions, proposals, product demo flows, and sales talk tracks);

Strategic Executive Support

Providing perspective for leadership on strategic decisions like when and how to hire a sales team, when and how to scale a sales team, when and how to hire a VPS/ Director of Sales, other sales methods and tactics development;

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