The Metrics that Matter (Beta)

Get the insights you need to grow quickly

Actionable dashboards that are easy to digest, and deliver you the insight you need to grow quickly.

Get the insights you need to grow quickly

Beautiful & snappy dashboards

Purpose built dashboards that give you the daily cohort analysis you can't build in your CRM.

Easy to digest

Clearly organized data that is intuitive to interpret.

Insights to grow quickly

Suggestions on gaps that could stall growth, and how to fix.

The 50k foot view

Business Pulse Dashboard

  • The daily pulse of your business.
  • Key leading indicators of growth visualized.
  • Custom date ranges.
Business Pulse Dashboard
New Conversations Started

Top of Funnel Dashboard

  • Leads ranked by channel and source
  • Seller performance by key top of funnel metrics
  • How Leads perform by type over time
Top of Funnel Dashboard
The frontline view

Seller Dashboards

  • Key seller KPIs and performance over time
  • Gap to goal analysis and risk assessment
  • Stage performance with key focus areas to improve
Seller Dashboards
"The list"

Deals in Pipeline

  • The "list" you always wanted for pipeline meetings
  • Bottoms up deal sheet with next best step to advance
  • ICP Cohort overlay for deal risk assessment
Deals in Pipeline

Our partners love us

  • "By working with the Baku team, we gained more control in our sales process, and surfaced more effective strategies to push complex deals down the funnel. I’d highly recommend having a conversation with these guys."
    Nabil Mseddi
  • "They give good advice with no ego. They are fun to work with. The understand the nuances of early stage sales. In a world with thousands of arm chair sales experts, these guys are the real deal. If they ever put out an e-book -- I'd buy it."
    Tim Woods
    Head of Sales
  • "Having insights is one thing, but Baku went further by meticulously examining each seller’s skill level and crafting personalized coaching plans that align seamlessly with our brand."
    Carly Crittenden
    VP Sales
  • "I’ve worked with Pete Kuhn and Guy Barbier for the better part of a decade. They were instrumental in our success at Moat, and have now been incredibly helpful accelerating the sales team growth of Vast Ventures B2B SaaS portfolio companies."
    Aniq Rahman
    GP, Investor
  • "As a SaaS founder doing founder led sales, being able to send Baku a call recording link, have them review it, and come back with specific next best steps, gaps & missed opportunities, and specific step by step strategies was amazing leverage."
    Robin Allenson
    Founder, CEO
  • "They literally helped change the trajectory of our business. They also happen to be outstanding human beings."
    Damon Tassone
  • "Pete and Guy did amazing sales consulting work"
    Brooke Freedman
    VP, Sales
  • "Working with Baku increased my confidence as a seller. The care and attention to detail from Pete and Guy in every area of the sales process was a game changer for me."
    Jake Thibodeau
  • "I cannot say enough about my time working with Baku. They are skilled in moving seamlessly from "in the weeds" to "30,000 ft views", and are equally strategic in the trenches and in big picture outlooks."
    Mercedes Prevost
    Account Executive
  • "It's been an absolute pleasure working with you. Thank you for all you've done to help level up on our team. You guys are a special duo that bring a ton of value to any team."
    Alex Krug
  • "More than just another Sales Consultancy Firm, Baku became a true partner in the creation of our GTM strategy and team. Pete and Guy helped us with not only the basic blocking and tackling of sales, but with the larger task of creating a mission-driven value engine."
    Corey VanSpronsen
    VP, Sales
  • "Pete and Guy were critical in helping Recast make the leap from chaotic founder-led sales to a repeatable and scalable sales motion. I'd recommend them to any startup CEO looking to take their sales game to the next level."
    Michael Kaminsky
    Co-founder, Co, CEO
  • "These guys are great! Pete and Guy were incredibly helpful brainstorming the Aidin go to market vision pitch, demystifying what it took to organize the story, and helping to build the initial flow we use to introduce Aidin to our customers."
    Russ Graney
  • "I was leaning on Baku outside of our scheduled weekly meetings for prospecting advice, email tactics, you name it, they added significant value to every step of the sales process. Baku takes a very human approach, they simplify everything and lastly, they make it fun. I highly highly recommend Baku!"
    Tommy Colclough
    Account Executive
  • "Baku has been helping our team since 2021 to sharpen our GTM + selling skills + processes; they’ve been invaluable coaches to me and our team as a whole and helped us jumpstart and refine our selling motion, particularly in our early stages before we had our own Head of Sales."
    Adam Pritchard
    Account Executive
  • "They were able to quickly identify skill and process gaps we were missing, and match it with nuanced, tactical feedback. I came in at 150% of Quota last quarter, and they were an instrumental part of my success."
    Devin O'Brien
  • "Their guidance fine-tuned my sales process, improved my conversation scripts, and optimized my meeting flow, all while maintaining an authentic, consultative style and steering clear of high-pressure sales techniques."
    Joel Goldman
    VP Product
  • "They gave me detailed feedback on every call, advised on structure for new partners, and helped keep our pipeline moving. If you're in the B2B SaaS space looking to build out your sales motion, I can't recommend enough working with them."
    Caroline Levere
  • "Collaborating with Baku has helped grow Salsa's cohort of paying customers."
    Luthan Hill
    VP, BD
  • "I'm really grateful to have the chance to work with these excellent sales leaders. They go beyond traditional sales advisory and get to know all the details 🌶️ 👉 Highly recommend if you're an early-stage founder and want to level-up your sales."
    Pulkit Agrawal
    Founder, CEO
  • "Baku was instrumental in accelerating our go-to-market motion. They worked with me one-on-one to strategize on deals and provided highly actionable guidance to improve our sales process."
    Alex Ingram
  • "Company building is hard, particularly when creating a category like self sovereign identity. I've found most advisors simply share what worked for them, but Pete and Guy at Baku got in the weeds with us and took a first-principles approach to helping us with some thorny challenges, including hiring our initial go-to-market team member."
    Riley Hughes
  • "Baku not only meshed well with our team, but they also intuitively understood and matched our brand style and company culture. The transformation in our sales strategy has been nothing short of impressive."
    Richard Harris
  • "Working with Pete and Guy at Baku has brought a new perspective to how I navigate sales cycles."
    Cam Hanify
    Account Executive
  • "The Baku team helped up craft customized strategies on how to navigate those challenges, as well as to work backwards in our sales process to avoid those conversations in the future. Baku has been indispensable to our sales success.""
    Rick Greenberg
  • "Baku was a vital resource in evaluating my discovery calls and pinpointing gaps and missed opportunities in my conversations and follow-up processes."
    Steve Handwerker
    Finance and Ops
  • "We would definitely recommend"
    John Kramer
    Co-founder, CEO
  • "Baku takes the time to understand the gaps in your process, and their targeted feedback leads to tangible results. Overall, Baku's guidance was invaluable, and I am grateful for the improvements I achieved through their coaching."
    Matt Sobel
    Account Executive

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